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Using "Red Sorghum Family" as an Example to Analyze Mo Yan's Novels' Shaping Language Features

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.177


Jun Liu

Corresponding Author

Jun Liu


Mo Yan is the first local writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in China. His works have distinctive characteristics, and the language style has great tension and expressiveness. He is the main representative of the magic realism style. "Red Sorghum Family" is one of the typical representative works. This article takes the novel "Red Sorghum Family" as an example. It analyzes from three perspectives: the widespread use of color vocabulary, the use of diversified rhetoric, and the spoken expression of dialects and slang, in order to provide a reference for Mo Yan's novel research and communication.


Mo Yan; "Red Sorghum Family"; Language and Art Features