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The Application of Pre-Qin Confucian “Heaven-Man Relationship” in the Aesthetics of Modern Art Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.176


Mingxing Gao

Corresponding Author

Mingxing Gao


The pre-Qin Confucian philosophy has a profound influence on the formation and development of Chinese traditional culture. Visualization is one of the ways of Confucian culture inheritance. The "Tianren relationship" of Confucianism in the pre-Qin Dynasty played a decisive role in the aesthetic image of Confucianism. In today's cultural globalization, how to realize the protection and development of the cultural diversity of the nation Be the primary goal. The aesthetics of "natural beauty", "neutral beauty" and "beauty beauty" originated from Confucian "Tianren relationship" have laid the aesthetic orientation of modern art design under Chinese traditional culture.


Confucianism; Heaven-Man Relationship; modern; art design; aesthetics