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A study of College Business English translation based on the principle of flexibility

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.174


Duan Xiaoxiao

Corresponding Author

Duan Xiaoxiao


It is an indisputable fact that equivalence is a basic standard pursued in translation practice. However, according to its own characteristics and rules, business English needs to be "flexible" in translation to improve and promote "equivalence". To explore the diversity of business English translation standards, namely "flexibility". As a part of the English market, business English is an essential language requirement in the current workplace life, and its content is also very extensive, involving various business terms, business activities, etc. Now many training institutions have included business English courses into the main training courses. Business English is a new subject. The position of business English translation in business activities should not be underestimated. Business English translation is not only the translation of the two languages, but also the translation of the cultural atmosphere associated with them. Therefore, in Business English translation, we should not blindly translate the literal meaning, but understand "flexibility" and integrate culture with translation work. In this paper, the characteristics of business English, the problems in translation and how to apply the principle of "flexibility" in the process of translation are discussed, hoping to help you.


Business English; Flexible principle; Application