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Study on the Influence of Cultural Construction and Cultural Deficiency on English Translation

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.169


Jing Huang

Corresponding Author

Jing Huang


as a Universal Language, English Translation Has Made Outstanding Contributions to the Barrier-Free Communication and Dissemination of Cultures Around the World. English Translation Has Become One of the Most Important Ways to Spread Culture Around the World At This Stage While Building a Barrier-Free Cultural Exchange Platform for All Countries in the World. In the Practice of English Translation, We Should Fully Consider the Cultural Differences of Different Countries to Ensure the Correctness of Translation. However, Cultural Deficiency is Obvious in English Translation. Based on the Characteristics and Characteristics of English Translation, This Paper Makes a Concrete Analysis of the Cultural Deficiency and Cultural Construction in English Translation Practice, Explores the Significance of Cultural Communication Mode in English Translation, and Promotes the Accurate Transmission of Cultural Connotation in English Translation.


Cultural Construction; Lack of Culture; English Translation; Influence