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Aesthetic Thinking of Cultural Consciousness and Cultural Confidence

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.156


Cai Junbo

Corresponding Author

Cai Junbo


Cultural Consciousness is the Inherent Law and Inevitable Requirement of a Nation's Cultural Development, and is the Realistic Way out to Solve the Cultural Dilemma. Only by Awakening the Conscious Consciousness of Cultural Subjects, Forming Rational Cultural Consciousness and Creating a Good Cultural Atmosphere Can We Change People's Cultural Mentality, Improve People's Cultural Life and Promote the Healthy Development of Contemporary Culture. Only through Cultural Awareness Can We “Be Harmonious But Different” and Gradually Reach the Ideal State of “Beauty of Each, Beauty of Beauty, Beauty in Common, Harmony in the World”.


Cultural Consciousness; Social Issues; Aesthetic