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A Study on Initial Consonant System and Some Phonetic Changes of Dai and Thai Languages Based on Cultural Identity

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.144


He Lei

Corresponding Author

He Lei


Thai and Dai Languages Belong to the Zhuang-Dai Language Branch of the Zhuang-Dong Language Family of the Sino-Tibetan Language Family. There Are Many Similarities in Pronunciation, Vocabulary and Grammar between the Two Languages. They Have Many Similarities in Pronunciation. Even If They Are Different in Some Aspects, They Are Regular in Their Internal Parts. Based on the Perspective of Cultural Identity, This Paper Intends to Take Thai Standard Dialect and Dehong Dai Dialect as Research Objects, Compare Their Similarities and Differences in Pronunciation, and Find out the Corresponding Laws of the Two Languages in Pronunciation, So as to Prove the Consistency of Their Initial Consonant Systems in the Early Period, and Talk about Some Phonetic Changes between Them.


Cultural Identity; Dai and Thai Languages; Initial Consonant System; Voice Change