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Investigation and Countermeasures of Multilingual Translation in Hunchun Area under Mobile Internet Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.143


Zhe Wang, Qiang Wu

Corresponding Author

Qiang Wu


Multilingual Translation Affects All Aspects of Our Life and is Also an Important Part of Our Publicity. Mobile Internet is Changing People's Habits and Also Affecting Traditional English Teaching Methods. Translation of English Multilingual Translation in Public Places Plays a Very Important Role in Foreign Exchanges, Establishing a Good Image of the City, and Transmitting City Civilization. Based on the Perspective of Mobile Internet Environment, This Paper Takes the Scenic Spots in Hunchun as the Research Object, and Takes the Multilingual Translation in the Scenic Spots as the Research Content. through on-the-Spot Investigation and Analysis, This Paper Studies the Current Situation of Multilingual Translation, Summarizes the Existing Problems, and Puts Forward Some Targeted Measures. It is Hoped That It Will Be Helpful to the Study of Multilingual Translation in Hunchun.


Mobile Internet; Hunchun Region; Multilingual Translation; Problem Investigation; Countermeasures