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Research on the Design and Development Mode of Creative Products of Gansu Characteristic Element Culture Based on Regional Cultural Characteristics

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.142


Lu Fei, Wang Chen

Corresponding Author

Lu Fei


the Culture of a City is the Most Important Part That Embodies the Connotation of the City and is the Soul of the City. More and More People Choose to Travel, and They Usually Buy Some Cultural and Creative Products with Local Characteristics. Culture is the Symbol of a Region, and the Distinctive Characteristic Culture of a City is the Foundation of the City's Tourism Development. Gansu is a Famous Tourist City, and the Design of Local Tourism Cultural and Creative Products is the Most Direct Way to Fully Express Tourism Brands. Regional Cultural Design is to Absorb Local, Ethnic and Folk Styles and Various Cultural Traces Left over from the History of the Region in the Design. from the Perspective of Regional Culture, This Paper Extracts the Connotation and Characteristics of Gansu's Regional Culture, Discusses the Importance of Developing Cultural and Creative Products, and Sums Up the Development and Design Mode of Gansu's Cultural and Creative Products by Excavating the Cultural Features and Characteristic Elements Contained in the Regional Culture.


Culture; Creativity; Product Design; Characteristic Element