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Ergonomic Embodiment of the Car Body Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.141


Bingjian Dong

Corresponding Author

Bingjian Dong


The design of the body of a car mainly refers to the design work of the car's own engine and the slave drive structure, the interior assembly and other related components. In addition, it also includes whether the space and parameters for ensuring the body arrangement and design of the car body interior can be met with the standard specification. According to the main purpose of the car body design, the analysis of the design and layout work is carried out, and it is clear that the important goal of the design work is to obtain a larger space for the interior of the car while ensuring that the vehicle is in a similar quality level. Therefore, ergonomics plays an important role in car body design work.


Ergonomics; Body design; Application