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A Study on the Breath of Trumpet Performance and Music Performance

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.138


Yan Jiyuan

Corresponding Author

Yan Jiyuan


with the Development of the Society, China's Economy is Continuously Improving, and the People's Demand for Spiritual Life in the Current Society is More and More Extensive. among Them, Trumpet is One of the Key Components in Musical Instrument Performance, and is Also One of the Musical Instruments Loved by the Broad Masses of the People in the Current Society. in Order to Improve the Performance Level of Trumpet, It is a Feasible Countermeasure to Control Breath Reasonably to Enhance Music Performance, and Breath Control is Also Crucial to Trumpet Performance. Breathing is the Premise and Guarantee to Maintain the Normal Operation of People's Life and Body. in the Performance of Trumpet, People Should Use Breath Reasonably and Accurately, So as to Make Trumpet Show the Music Incisively and Vividly, and Improve the Professional and Scientific Performance. Therefore, This Paper Will Focus on the Analysis of the Breath and Music Performance of Trumpet Performance as the Theme, through a Detailed Understanding of the Relationship between Human Breath Characteristics and Trumpet Performance Breath Characteristics, and Then in-Depth Exploration of Breath Techniques in the Actual Performance of Trumpet Music.


Trumpet Playing; Breath and Music Performance; Research