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An Analysis of the Artistic Characteristics and Performance Forms of Manchu Shaman Music

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.136


Gong Longdan

Corresponding Author

Gong Longdan


This Paper Mainly Introduces the Content of Manchu Shaman Music. by Studying the Artistic Characteristics of Manchu Shaman Music, It Analyzes the Performance Form of Manchu Shaman Music and Explores the Influence and Penetration of Manchu Shaman Music on Han Music. in Order to Fully Understand the Cultural Connotation of Manchu Shaman Music, Master the Artistic Characteristics of Shaman Music, Effectively Inherit the Manchu Shaman Music Art, Clarify the Importance of Manchu Shaman Music Art, and Show the Value and Charm of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Thereby Promoting the Modern Development of Manchu Shaman Music, So That It Can Continue to Pass on.


Manchu; Shaman Music; Artistic Characteristics; Form of Performance