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Investigation and Research on Local Language Ecology in Northern Shaanxi

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.135


Pengju Du

Corresponding Author

Pengju Du


Northern Shaanxi Has a Long History and Profound Cultural Background. Abundant Folk Culture of Northern Shaanxi is an Important Component of Northern Shaanxi Culture, and Northern Shaanxi Dialect, as a Unique Language in Northern Shaanxi, is the Most Powerful Tool to Carry the Rich Folk Culture of Northern Shaanxi. the View of Language Ecology Regards Language and Its Environment as an Open Ecosystem. Starting from the Theory of the Dependency between Language Diversity and Biological and Cultural Diversity, It Emphasizes the Necessity and Importance of Language Diversity for Human Survival and Development. the Geographical Location of Northern Shaanxi is Special, and Various Languages and Cultures Are Absorbed and Integrated with Each Other. Before We Study and Analyze the Northern Shaanxi Dialect and Its Social Folk Culture, We Need to Understand Several Important Concepts Involved. This Paper Will Investigate the Ecological Situation of Northern Shaanxi Dialect from Two Aspects of Social Function and Inheritance of Language, and Understand the Vitality of Northern Shaanxi Dialect.


Northern Shaanxi; Dialect; Folk Culture; Language Ecology