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Research on Chinese Traditional Ink Paintings Review and Appreciation Theory under the Background of Information Age

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.124


Ma Xiaodong

Corresponding Author

Ma Xiaodong


Chinese Traditional Ink Painting is an Important Part of Today's Art World and is a Representative Painting Style in China. with the Development of Traditional Culture, the Form of Ink Painting Has Also Become Increasingly Diverse, and the Evaluation and Appreciation of Ink Painting Has Continued to Deepen. in This Regard, This Paper is Rooted in the Background of the Information Age, Analyzes the Characteristics of Traditional Chinese Ink Painting, and Then Puts Forward the Traditional Chinese Ink Painting Evaluation and Appreciation Value Transmission Method, Expecting to Enrich the Theoretical Research of Traditional Ink Painting Evaluation and Appreciation.


Information Age; Ink Painting; Evaluation; Appreciation