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On the Translator's Behavior Criticism of the English Translation of Local Language in Mo Yan's Novels

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.123


Qi Jiaming

Corresponding Author

Qi Jiaming


Mo Yan's Works Are Mainly Local Literature, Mostly Using Local Language, and Reflecting Innovative Ideas in the New Era. Starting from the Language Style to Explore the Innovative Ideas of Mo Yan's Novel Language, It is of Great Significance to Translation Studies. Therefore, This Paper Analyzes the Most Distinctive Local Language in Mo Yan's Novels, and Makes Readers Feel the Charm of Local Language. under the Guidance of Translators' Behavioral Criticism Theory, the Author Analyzes and Summarizes the Different Evaluation Modes of Translators, Summarizes the Inadequacies of Local Language Processing in Mo Yan's Novels, and Analyzes the Translation of Different Translators' Native Language, in Order to Sum Up the Practicality. the English Translation Strategy of Local Language Lays the Foundation for Further English Translation of Local Language.


Local Language; Literature; Translator Behavioral Criticism; Translation Strategy; Language Style