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The Guidance of Internet Public Opinion in the Work of Propaganda, Ideological and Cultural Work in Party Building in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.120


Ma Xicheng

Corresponding Author

Ma Xicheng


with the Increasing Use of the Internet, the Work of Propaganda and Ideological and Cultural Work in Colleges and Universities is Facing New Challenges. Based on the Extensive Coverage of the Internet, Some Current Hot Issues Can Form a Network Public Opinion, Which Also Provides New Opportunities for Party Building Propaganda. However, the Internet Sensational Orientation That Deviates from the Correct Values in the Internet Has Also Brought Great Challenges to the Propaganda Work. There Are Still Many Problems in the University's Network Public Opinion Guidance Work. Based on This, It Proposes Ways to Construct a New Media Network Public Opinion Guidance Platform, Establish a Public Opinion Emergency Response Mechanism, and Set Up Hot Topic Topics to Guide Students to Think Rationally. in Order to Provide Some Reference for the Party Building Publicity Culture and Thought in Colleges and Universities.


Internet Public Opinion; University; Party Building Propaganda; Thought and Culture; Guide