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Research on the Construction of Contemporary Discourse Right of Chinese Marxism

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.114


Yang Xinglin

Corresponding Author

Yang Xinglin


in the Context of Globalization, Although Marxist Discourse Power Has Been Widely Recognized in China, It Still Faces Great Challenges in Construction. These Challenges Are Not Only Squeezed by the “Discourse Hegemony” of Western Capitalism, But Also Negatively Affected by the Development of Network Technology and Market Economy, Which Makes People's Thoughts in a Complex State. Therefore, in Order to Ensure the Dominant Position of Marxist Discourse Power in China, This Paper Analyzes the Challenges Faced by the Construction of Marxist Discourse Power, and Puts Forward Specific Solutions.


Contemporary China; Marxism; Discourse Power; Construction Path