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Innovative Design of Interactive Art Device Based on Spatial Language

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.112


Li Xiaofeng

Corresponding Author

Li Xiaofeng


in the Classification of Art Installation, Interactive Art Installation Has a Unique Way to Develop an Innovative Art Form of Interaction with the Audience. the Structure of This Paper is Divided into Four Parts. the First Part Explains the Concept and Characteristics of Art Installation and Interaction. the Second Part Discusses the Innovative Features of Interactive Art Devices. from Three Aspects of Game and Entertainment, Personalized and Interactive Participation, Emotional and Pure Spirituality, This Paper Proves the Interactive Value of Interactive Artistic Devices to the Experiential Subject. the Third Part is the Innovative Design Path of Interactive Art Device, Which is Divided into Three Steps to Realize the Application Design of Interactive Process in Art Device. Finally, the Conclusion of the Paper Puts Forward the Expectation for the Future Development of Interactive Art Device, Considers the Current Situation of Development, and Affirms the Innovative Contribution of Interactive Art Device in the Field of Art.


Space Language; Interaction; Art Device; Innovativeness