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On the Cultural Connotations of Proper Nouns in Russian Proverbs

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.110


Sun Yumin

Corresponding Author

Sun Yumin


As a Language with a Long History, Russian Has Absorbed the Essence in Many Countries during the Long Term Development. among Them, Russian Proverbs Also Show Their Unique Linguistic Charm in Language and Culture. in Fact, Most of the Proverbs in Russian Originate from Life and Have Very Distinct National Cultural Characteristics. the Slang of a Nation Usually Shows a Strong Sense of Life and a Profound Meaning. from the Russian Proverbs, We Can Understand the National Psychology, Living Habits, Historical Culture and Religious Beliefs of the Russian Nation. At the Same Time, Russian Proverbs Also Have Profound Educational Significance.


Russian; Proverb; Cultural Connotation; Proper Noun