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When Starbucks Meet with Summer Palaces—the Roles of Cultural Signs in Intercultural Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.107


Sun Le

Corresponding Author

Sun Le


an Anchorman of Cctv Wrote in His Blog an Article to Show His Disapproval of the Existence of the Shop of Starbucks Coffee -One of the American Cultural Sings in the Forbidden City. he Suggested That Starbucks Should Be Evicted from Forbidden City. Thus Coming a Hot Debate: Someone Thinks That the Existence of Starbucks’ Store Not Only Breaks the Harmony of Forbidden City,the Cultural Signs of Chinese Civilization, But Also an Indignity to the Latter; the Others Argue That it’s Nothing But an Normal Action That Can Make Good Use of the Room of the Forbidden City. Cultural Signs Play Important Roles in Intercultural Communication. as the Representative Cultural Signs of China and the U.s Respectively, the Collision between the Forbidden City and Starbucks is, in a Deeper Sense, a Reflection of the Collision between Chinese Culture and American Culture. by Analyzing the Roles of Cultural Signs, We Can Come to Know the Cultural Settings, Cultural Customs and Cultural Environments, Etc. They Are Cultural Connotations Contained in Similar Events and Thus We Can Have a Better Intercultural Communication with Others.


Starbucks; Forbidden City; Cultural Signs; Intercultural Communication