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An Analysis of the Elegance and Vulgarity of Chinese Traditional Painting

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.104


Zhang Gewu

Corresponding Author

Zhang Gewu


Chinese Painting Has a Long History. in the Long-Term Cultural Heritage, There Are Many Subjects That People Like to See and Enjoy and That Are Enduring. They Are Rooted in the Hearts of the Chinese People with Their Beautiful Images and Rich Moral Implications. They Are the Most Vulgar Arts, the Essence of Which is People's Pursuit of a Better Life, the Symbol of Auspicious Meaning, and the Most “Vulgar” Material Prayer for Human Life. However, These Themes Are “Elegant” Art, Because They Have Spiritual Demands Beyond Material, and Are People's Pursuit of Unique Qualities and Styles. Therefore, It is Difficult to Separate “Elegance” from “Vulgarity”. It Can Be Said That “Elegance” is the Antecedent of “Vulgarity” and “Vulgarity” is the Most Widely Recognized Way of “Elegance”.


Great Customs; Elegance; Chinese Painting