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Corpus-Based Study on Translator's Subjectivity in Translation of English Language and Literature Works

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.103


Fang Fang

Corresponding Author

Fang Fang


with the Strengthening of the Trend of World Integration, People Pay More and More Attention to Foreign Literature, and Foreign Literature Translation is Also Developing with the Changes of the Times. Translator's Subjectivity Plays a Very Important Role in the Translation of English Language and Literature. Due to the Differences in Cultural Environment, Way of Thinking, Life Experience and Expression Habits, There is Obviously a Certain Gap between English and Chinese in Terms of Alternate Conversion. Mechanically Transplanting the Source Language's Linguistic Form, Expression, and Syntactic Structure into the Target Language Will Form a Language Mixture That Does Not Meet the Target Language's Expression Habits. When Translators Translate Foreign Literary Works, They Must Translate Them According to Their Language Characteristics. the Translator's Subjectivity Should Be Fully Displayed in Translation to Improve the Translation Quality of Literary Works. Based on the Corpus of Literary Works, This Article Analyzes the Phenomenon of Translator's Subjectivity in the Translation Process of English Language Literary Works.


English Language and Literature; Translation; Corpus; Subjectivity