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Application of Multidimensional Sensory Expression to Modern Visual Communication Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.090


Lina Ren

Corresponding Author

Lina Ren


With the development of the times and society, modern visual communication design has also made great progress. Within more than one hundred years from birth to now, modern visual communication design has produced a profound impact on people’s life. People have a better grasp of the objective world around us, and have broadened experience field. To a great extent, it has changed our real life. Modern visual communication design is relatively various in forms and ways of expression. Our life and emotional experience have been greatly affected. With the improvement of people’s economic and material level, more and more requirements are put forward for modern visual communication design. It is essential to learn to start from the actual situation and provide more vivid sensory experience for people from various fields.


Modern Visual Communication Design; Multidimensional Sensory; Application