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On the Palace Music of Lindan Khan

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.080


Xin Liushisan

Corresponding Author

Xin Liushisan


as an Important Component of the Chinese Nation, Mongolia Has a Splendid History and Culture and Has Made Great Contributions to the Construction of the Chinese National Culture. the Mongolian Court Music Occupies a Crucial Position in the Historical Development Process, and among Them, Lindan Khan Court Music is One of the Relatively Intact Music Types. through in-Depth Study of Lindan Khan's Court Music, We Can Make Clear the Relationship between Other Ethnic Music and Lindan Khan's Court Music, and Realize the Inheritance and Promotion of Mongolian Court Music. Based on This, This Article Analyzes and Studies Lindan Khan's Court Music.


Lindan Khan; Mongolian Nationality; Court Music; Folk Music