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Research on the Function of Folk Art in Modern Interior Design Based on Modern Information Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.079


Gefeng Zhu

Corresponding Author

Gefeng Zhu


with the Gradual Integration of Folk Art Elements into Chinese Interior Design, as an Artistic and Cultural Form and Symbol Created by Working People, Folk Art Elements Convey the Historical Context of Chinese Traditional Culture. the Rapid Development of Modern Information Technology Has Not Only Greatly Changed People's Life and Work Style, But Also Brought New Performance Modes and Technologies to the Interior Design Industry. in Recent Years, Chinese Interior Decoration Has Ushered in an Upsurge of Local Design. This is People's Recognition of Their Own Culture after Their National Strength is Strong. Home Decoration Design of Folk Art is a Process of Excavating Traditional Culture. There is a Close Relationship between Folk Art and Modern Interior Design, and Folk Art Can Effectively Stimulate the Inspiration of Modern Interior Design. Based on the Relationship between the Two, This Paper Probes into the Specific Application of Folk Art in Modern Interior Design, Reflecting the Artistic Value of Folk Art and Its Positive Influence on Modern Interior Design.


Modern Information Technology; Folk Arts; Interior Design; Application