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Research on English Translation Strategies of Applied Culture in Tea Culture Based on Comparison of Chinese and Western Cultures

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.075


Bing Liu

Corresponding Author

Bing Liu


Applied Linguistics is a New Language System That is Used in Practice to Integrate Traditional Chinese Thinking Patterns with Other Cultural Backgrounds and Language Theories. Based on the Theoretical Framework of Applied Linguistics and the Development History of Tea Culture, This Paper Firstly Discusses the Basic Translation Forms of Tea Culture English Translation from Applied Linguistics; Then Combines the Special Role of Applied Linguistics in Tea Culture English Translation; According to the Actual Function of Applied Linguistics, the Paper Proposes Improved Countermeasures for Tea Culture English Translation; It Aims to Help the Tea Culture English Translation in the Context of Applied Linguistics to Develop Better.


English Translation Strategies; Tea Culture; Chinese and Western Culture