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A Comparative Study of Style Reproduction of the Two English Versions of Luo Tuo Xiang Zi from the Perspective of Literary Stylistics

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.074


Hua Zhao

Corresponding Author

Hua Zhao


Literary Stylistics, an Interdisciplinary Field among Linguistics and Literary Criticism, Focuses on the Form of Literary Works and the Inseparable Relation between Content and Form. It Provides Not Only a Theoretical Foundation for the Investigation of Style Reproduction, But Also a Feasible Approach for Actual Text Analyzing and Studying. This Present Paper Employs Literary Stylistics as the Theoretical Foundation and Refers to the Analysis Model Put Forward by the Renowned Scholar-Shen Dan. Two Distinctive English Versions of Luo Tuo Xiang Are Selected as Examples of the Study, Which Are Shi Xiaojing’s Version (Referred to as Shi’s Version in the Following) and Howard Goldblatt’s Version (Referred to as Goldblatt’s Version in the Following). the Paper Adopts Comparative Research Method. Merits and Demerits Will Be Both Explored in Each Version and the Reproduction and Loss of the Original Thematic Meaning and Aesthetic Effects Will Be Revealed. According to the Distinctive Features of Lao She’s Work, the Present Paper Chooses to Select the Most Extruding Two Aspects to Analyze, Namely the Lexical Categories and the Syntactic Categories. the Present Paper Selects Two New English Versions, One is from Shi Xiaojing Who is a Chinese and the Other is from Howard Goldblatt Who is from America. Therefore, as for the Difference between the Two Versions, the Paper is More Representative and Typical. Simultaneously, the Analyzing Perspective is Creative and Inventive. Besides, Goldblatt’s Version is Published in the Year of 2010, and Studies about It Are Relatively Limited. the Comparison Demonstrates That There Are Both Merits and Shortcomings in Each of the Translation Versions. the Delicate and Accurate Reproduction of Original Style Can Be Found, and the Loss of Thematic Meaning and Aesthetic Value Cannot Be Neglect. the Difference between English and Chinese Makes Total Accordance Impossible. Generally Speaking, Shi Has a Penetrating Comprehension Towards Both the Content and the Form of the Original Work, Thus Making a Complete and Accurate Translation without Too Much Mistakes. While on the Other side, Goldblatt’s Translation Obtains More Features of Native English. the Structure is Simple and Fluent, Which, Generally Conveys the Original Style. However, the Native Language Style, to Some Degree, Influences the Faithful Reproduction of the Original Flavor.


Literary Stylistics; Comparative Studies; Aesthetic Value; Style Reproduction; Fiction Translation