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Analysis on the Graphic Art of the Art Deco Patterns in Shanghai

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.072


Jing Jiang

Corresponding Author

Jing Jiang


Art Deco's Blend of Artistic Style and the Shanghai Culture of Heiner Rivers Complement Each Other. the Researcher Conducted a Research on the Simple and Easy-to-Spread Form of Shanghai Art Deco Architectural Pattern, and Combed and Summarized the Three Aspects of the Pattern, the Theme of the Pattern and the Pattern of the Pattern, and Then Sorted out the Cultural Assets of the City. Clear Veins. the Pattern is Not Only a Simple Combination of Points and Line Elements, But Also a Symbolic Meaning of the Simple and Simple, and the Symbolic Value of the Shanghai Art Deco Style Pattern Will Play a Positive Role in the Spread of Urban Culture.


Art Deco; Pattern; Graphic Art