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Worldly Life and Fairyland Scenes in Song Tombs of Luxian County: the Meaning of Doors

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.060


Qinbing He

Corresponding Author

Qinbing He


the Song Tombs of Luxian County Are Important Heritage Sites under State Protection. They Were Built in the Middle and Late Southern Song Dynasty. the Owners of the Tombs Are Mainly Local Officials and Local Gentry. the Tombs Are All Made of Stone, with a Large Number of Exquisite Wood-Imitation Building Components Carving Figures, Four Gods, Flowers, Birds, Plants, as Well as “Door Opening” Images. This Paper Focuses on “Doors” and Takes “Images of Women Opening the Door” as the Starting Point. Combining with Exquisite Stone Carvings Like Flying Fairies, Four Gods as Well as the Scenes of Tomb owner’s Daily Life, This Paper Analyzes How the Song Tombs in Luxian County Express the Eternal Underground Life of Tomb Owners and Construct the Fairyland.


Song Tombs of Luxian County; Doors; Women Opening the Door; the Eternal Life Underground; Fairyland