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Analysis on Stages of Poetry Appreciation

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.058


Xiaowei Dong

Corresponding Author

Xiaowei Dong


the Receiver is One of the Four Elements of Art. Studying Aesthetic Activities from the Perspective of the Receiver is a New Concept in Modern Aesthetics. Using This Concept to Appreciate Chinese Poems Can Produce Unique Effects. When the Reader Holds the Worshipful Attitudes and Reads the Magnificent Chapters Which Marching out of Time, he is Actually Having a Wonderful Dialogue with the Writer. through Repeated Reading and Tasting, the reader’s Soul Can Be Flushed; he Can Really Enjoy the Beauty Brought by the Poem. But the Appreciator Can Not Immediately Realize the Beauty of the Poem and Understand the Reasons Hidden in It; he Needs to Go through Several Different Stages Before Reaching the Perfect State.


Aesthetic Stage; Analysis of Poems; the Realm of Beauty