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Research on Interaction Design of Aging Smart Home Products Based on Qfdtriz

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.055


Beibei Zhang, Jianming Li

Corresponding Author

Beibei Zhang


Objective to Provide a Good Experience for the Elderly in the Interaction of Smart Home Products Methods from the Perspective of Ergonomics, the Qfd / Triz Integrated Model Was Constructed and the Specific Implementation Process Was Given. First of All, According to the Research Content of Ergonomics, We Get the Needs of the Elderly, and Classify Them According to Their Physiological, Psychological and Interactive Needs. Then, on the Basis of the Needs, We Build the House of Quality (Hoq) of Smart Home Products, Which is Suitable for the Elderly, and Further Analyze the Relationship Matrix within the House of Quality, and Analyze the Characteristics of Redundant Products the Product Importance Characteristics Based on the Real Needs of the Elderly Are Obtained. At Last, the Negative Correlation Problem in the Autocorrelation Matrix of the Quality Roof is Extracted, and after the Transformation of Triz Problem, the Conflict of Product Characteristics in the Design Stage is Eliminated by Using Triz Theory Results the Combination of Qfd and Triz Not Only Avoids the Subjective and Unreasonable Factors of Demand Acquisition in the Early Stage of Product Design, But Also Can Modify the Applicability Requirements of Product Function and Structure, Which Provides a Clear Goal for the Design of Aging Products Conclusion Based on the Analysis and Design of the Interaction of Aging Smart Refrigerator, the Feasibility of Qfd / Triz Integrated Model Applied to the Design of Smart Home Products for the Elderly is Proposed.


Interaction; House of Quality; Triz Theory; Integrated Model; Adaptive Aging