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Study on the Development and Cultural Connotation of Miao Traditional Dyed Fabrics

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.050


Xuanyu Liu

Corresponding Author

Xuanyu Liu


Beautiful Miao Embroidery is an Important Part of Miao People's Traditional Culture. It Contains Rich National Cultural Connotation and Records the Historical Development of Miao Nationality. It is Famous for “the History of Miao Nationality”. Miao Village's Clothing Has Won This Reputation, Which is Inseparable from Its Technology and Methods of Inheriting Its Characteristics. Taking the Beautiful Dress of Huangjiang Village, Shangzhan City, Fenghuang County as an Example, This Paper Discusses the Inheritance Method and Characteristics of Miao Dress.


Miao Nationality; Traditional Dyeing and Weaving Products; Development; Cultural Connotation