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Application of Creative Soft Decoration in New Chinese Furniture Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.048


Yantao Wang, Zhongwu Wang

Corresponding Author

Yantao Wang


with the Development of Society, People's Aesthetic Consciousness Gradually Increases, and They Have a Higher Level of Pursuit for the Indoor Space Environment. Soft Decoration Attracts People's Attention and Love for Its Unique Artistry and Functionality. Designers Are Committed to Creating a Home Design Style with Rich Cultural Connotation, Thus a New Chinese Style with Chinese National Cultural Characteristics Has Emerged. Traditional Elements in Home Design and Modern Culture Are Not Isolated or Opposed, But a Process of Continuous Development and Interaction with the Needs of Society. Contemporary Designers Have Integrated Traditional Chinese Culture and Design Concepts into Modern Design, Showing a Combination of Modern and Traditional Interior Decoration Design Style. How to Apply Chinese Traditional Cultural Elements to the Design of Soft Clothing At Home and Create a New Chinese Style Creative Soft Clothing Design That Meets the Living and Spiritual Needs of Contemporary Consumers is the Main Problem to Be Explored and Studied in This Paper.


Aesthetic Consciousness; New Chinese Style; Soft Decoration; Home Design