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The Application of Narrative Expression in Museum Space Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.047


Qilong Tian

Corresponding Author

Qilong Tian


in the Exploration and Development of Contemporary Museums, the Exhibition Function Has Received Extensive Attention and Gradually Developed into a Mainstream of Research. Narrative Design of Exhibition Space in Contemporary Museums Has Far-Reaching Influence in Revealing History and Popularizing Knowledge for the Public. Based on This, We Must Continuously Improve the Design Standard. in the Display of the Main Content, Attention Should Be Paid to the Relationship between the Main Content and the Background, and to the Comprehensive Statement Function of the Visual Interface. This Article Uses the Concrete Method of Plot Narration and Its Basic Elements to Analyze How to Apply It in the Museum Space and How to Design the Museum Space Better.


Narrative Design; Museums; Space Design; Special Exhibition