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Research on Application of Traditional Cultural Elements in Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Creation Based on Color Expressiveness

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.043


Wei Huang

Corresponding Author

Wei Huang


Oil Painting is a Foreign Art. Chinese Artists Use Traditional Chinese Elements in Oil Painting to Make Oil Painting Show Distinctive National Characteristics, Which is the Key to the Development of Oil Painting in China. Chinese Painting Artists Advocate Subjective Understanding of Objective Things and the Spirit of Self-Construction, Which is an Image. the Localization Trend of Chinese Oil Painting Also Combines the Artistic Thinking and Morphological Characteristics of Chinese Painting, Enriching and Perfecting the Expressive Force of the Artistic Language of Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting to a Great Extent. in the Process of Nationalization of Oil Painting, Contemporary Painters Draw Lessons from and Apply the Elements of National Traditional Culture from Many Aspects in Their Creation. Based on the Perspective of Color Expressiveness, This Paper Takes the Representative Cultural Forms of Chinese Painting, Opera Art and Folklore Culture as Examples to Make a Superficial Analysis of This Integration.


Color; Oil Painting Creation; Traditional Cultural Elements; Application