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Analysis on the Value of Theme Art Creation in Shaanxi Province

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.041


Yan Wang

Corresponding Author

Yan Wang


Theme Painting Has Risen Again in China and Has Become a Research Topic for Many Artists. under the New Era Background, the Exploration of Shaanxi Province's Ethnic Theme Art Creation Should Start from the Significance of Ethnic Theme Art Creation, Inherit the Innovation Based on Fine Art Tradition, Absorb the Essence of Art At Home and Abroad, and Make Full Use of the Excellent Regional Advantages of Shaanxi Province Such as History, Culture and Natural Scenery. as One of the Important Components of Socialist Culture, Art Workers Consciously Carry out Thematic Creations, and on This Basis, It is Necessary to Further Study How Thematic Art Creation Can Be Further Developed in Art and Scholarship. through the Summary from Painting Creation to Theoretical Research, This Paper Analyzes the Formation, Growth and Development of Art Creation Art of Ethnic Minorities in Shaanxi Province. a Mature National Thematic Art Creation Group Should Have the Regional Characteristics, Personal Appearance and the Spirit of the Times.


Shaanxi Province; Thematic Art; Creative Value