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Research on Innovation of Intangible Cultural Heritage Creative Products from the Perspective of “Combination of Culture and Tourism”

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.040


Fuli Song

Corresponding Author

Fuli Song


the Article Points out That Tourism is the Realistic Embodiment of Culture and Culture is the Intrinsic Connotation of Tourism. They Complement Each Other and Are Inseparable as a Whole. the Integration of Cultural Industry and Tourism Industry is the Inevitable Trend and Requirement of Industrial Development. Therefore, on the Premise of Good Rescue and Protection, It is an Important Aspect of Intangible Heritage Protection to Make Rational Use of Intangible Heritage, Properly Transform It into Economic Resources, and Reasonably Develop and Utilize Economic Value. Based on “Integration of Culture and Tourism”, This Paper Discusses the Development Status and Direction of Cultural and Creative Products, and Explores the Future of Cultural and Creative Industries. through a Dynamic Understanding of the Current Status of the Design and Development of Intangible Cultural and Creative Products, an Innovative Design Method of Intangible Cultural and Creative Products That Meets the Needs of the Times and Inherits Intangible Culture is Found.


“Integration of Culture and Tourism”; Intangible Cultural Heritage; Cultural and Creative Products; Innovate