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Research on the Live Protection of Non-Material Cultural Heritage of Folk Art Based on the Principle of Visual Communication Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.037


Xiaojin Cao

Corresponding Author

Xiaojin Cao


China is a Big Country with a Long History of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Today, with the Continuous Development of Science and Technology and the Gradual Implementation of Socialist Modernization. How to Protect Intangible Cultural Heritage in an All-Round Way and Implement the Great Strategic Goal of Scientific Development Concept Has Become the Focus of the Construction of Spiritual Civilization in Our Country Nowadays. It is Also an Important Work for Our Country to Prevent Cultural Faults and Arouse and Enhance the Traditional Consciousness of the Whole People. the Main Factors Affecting Its Inheritance Are: the Local Government's Enforcement of the Protection Policy of Folk Art is Not Enough. the Desire of Market Organizations to Enter the Field of Folk Art is Not High. Folk Art Groups Have Insufficient Power to Pass on Folk Art. Lack of Relevant Systematic Theoretical Research; the Influence of Foreign Cultures. Inheriting Sustainable Mechanisms: Enhance the Attention of Government Departments At All Levels; Strengthen Technological Innovation in Folk Art. Extensively Carry out Various Heritage Activities. Strengthen the Depth of Relevant Theoretical Research. This Paper Will Further Analyze and Discuss the Active Protection Work from the Perspective of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Folk Art.


Visual Communication; Folk Art; Non-Material Cultural Heritage; Live Protection