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The Pragmatic Study of Evasion in Political Interview Based on Adaptation

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.036


Chen He

Corresponding Author

Chen He


the Adaptation from Vershueren Provides a Full Theoretical Frame of Description for the Study of Language Application Rule. to Analysis the Evasion in Political Interview, in View of Adaptation, Can Make It Clear That How the Social and Cultural Elements Work on the Language Selection and What Kind of the Pragmatic Effect Will Be Produced. Evasion is the Result of Adapting by Interviewee to interviewer’s Mental World, Physical World and Social World. in Political Interview, Such Language Usage Produces Positive Pragmatic Effect to Create Successful Communication, Such as Keeping Information, Avoiding Conflict and Building the Harmonious Communication Environment. in Political Interview, There Are Two Important Ways of Communication--Intercommunication and Question-Answer Communication. Compared with Former One, Question-Answer Communication Plays an Essential Role in Rhetoric Function in Political Language. in Interview, Politicians Often Answer Questions in Evasive Way That Means They don’t Present Information Directly, But Fuzzily. Journalists Are Skilled in Well-Organized Questions, While Politicians Are Good At Answering Such Questions with Evasion. as a Language Phenomenon in Language Communication, Evasion Has Caught Attention of Linguisticians and Has Been Studied from Different Aspects. Evasion Has Been Defined by Some Linguisticians, Such as Orr, Burkins, Dillon, Harris and Chinese Linguisticians Pang Jianrong, Zhou Liuxi, Etc. over the Years, Two Typical Approaches Have Been Proposed to Explain Evasive Answers, and They Are the Semantic Approach from Dariusz Galasinski and the Functional Approach from Bull and Mayer, Which Differ from Each Other by Their Different Emphasis. in China, Evasion in Political Interview Has Been Studied from Cognitive Pragmatics to Explain Its Generative Mechanism. Adaptation Theory Also Could Be Applied to Analyze the Specific Contextual Elements Which Influence Such Speech Act, to Figure out Its Application Rules and Explain Its Pragmatic Effect. Language is Used to Produce Meaning, and the Process of Conveying Meaning is Dynamic Way That Makes Choices Adaptively and Consciously. the Pragmatic Study of Evasion Based on Adaptation Theory Could Present the Effect of Language Choice in Social and Cultural Environment.


Evasion; Political Interview; Adaptation Theory; Pragmatic Effect