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Strategic Analysis of Reducing Anxiety in the Process of Translation of Scientific and Technological Documents

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.035


Nana Zheng

Corresponding Author

Nana Zheng


Translation is a Very Important Course, But Also a Skill That is Difficult to Master and Use. Anxiety in Translation Has Been Paid More and More Attention by Researchers. Anxiety, as One of the Affective Factors in the Process of Second Language Acquisition or Foreign Language Acquisition, Plays an Important Role in Learners' Learning. Anxiety Has Become a Hot Topic in the Field of English Teaching as Well as an Issue That Scholars Generally Discuss and Pay Attention to. Anxiety is Common in Non-English Majors, Especially Those with a Major in Science and Engineering. Science and Technology English Has Its Own Unique Language and Literature Genre, and is Unique in Linguistics. This Paper Analyzes the Reasons Why English Majors Have an Anxiety in the Translation of Scientific Literature, and Proposes Corresponding Learning Strategies to Effectively Reduce the Anxiety Generated during the Translation Process.


Translation of Scientific and Technological Documents; Anxiety; Strategies