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Cultural Significance and Artistic Value of Chinese Folk New Year Pictures in Traditional Festivals

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.033


Zhiqiang Chen, Yongding Tan

Corresponding Author

Zhiqiang Chen


the History of Chinese Folk New Year Pictures Can Be Traced Back to the Han Dynasty. It Occupies an Important Position in People's Spiritual and Cultural Life and is a Valuable Cultural Heritage of the Chinese Nation. in the Long Process of Development, Chinese Traditional Folk New Year Paintings Have Formed a Unique Painting Style. Its Composition, Shape, Colour and Other Factors Have Strong Subjective Imagery, Reflecting People's Cognitive Concepts. New Year Pictures Express the Basic Spirit of Chinese Traditional Culture with the Cultural Form Closest to People and Life, Providing a Unique Spiritual Temperament for the Survival and Continuation of the Nation and Culture. It is a Popular Reading Material and Educational Reading Material for the People and Plays a Role in Popularizing Historical Knowledge and Moral Education. New Year Pictures Have Beautiful Shapes and Colours, Which Promote the Formation of People's Aesthetics, Spread Aesthetic Ideas and Form Their Own Unique Views on Shapes and Colours.


New Year Pictures; Cultural Significance; Artistic Value