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Cultural Differences between Chinese and the Western in Daily Life

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.026


Huang Yunlong

Corresponding Author

Huang Yunlong


Language is the Carrier and Main Form of Culture. Chinese Culture is a Broad and Profound Complex System, Including Harmony and Moderation, the Sense of God and Man, the Value of Justice over Profit, Patriotism and So on. in Relation to a Person and a Member of a Social Group and Belonging to the Derivative, While Ignoring That a Person is an Independent Individual. Emphasize Human Social Personality, Despise Human Independent Personality. the Core of Han Culture is Collectivism. in Sharp Contrast, the British and American Countries Have Always Been Dominated by Individualism. as the Fundamental of the Society, People Cannot Sacrifice Personal Interests to Fulfill Social Interests. No One Can Interfere with an Individual's Behavior as Long as It Does Not Harm Others and the Society. Personal Property is Sacrosanct. as for the Relationship between People, British and American Countries Stress the Inherent Human Rights of Humanitarianism and Believe That All People Are Born Free and Equal. It Can Be Seen That the Values and World Outlook of Chinese and Western Culture Are Quite Different.


Chinese and Western; Language; Culture; to Compare