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Future of Chinese Network Literature under the Background of Artificial Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.021


Jing Guo, Jinzheng Lu

Corresponding Author

Jing Guo


Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology provides infinite possibilities for the development of Chinese network literature. With the help of AI, many new phenomena may appear in the field of Chinese network literature. Firstly, the mode of man-machine interactive may become a universal phenomenon and become the best mode of production. Secondly, the mode of Private Literature Customization is likely to flourish. Thirdly, the changes brought by AI technology are not only in the external creative environment, but also in literature content creation, which will provide greater possibilities for the emergence of new literary styles. In addition, AI technology has also put forward many unprecedented new topics in the field of Chinese network literature. The conflicts between technology-oriented and literary aesthetics, the contradiction between consumer culture orientation and artistic character have been existed for a long time. Meanwhile, the issues related to intellectual property in the world of network literature under the background of intelligent writing are also becoming more and more complex. All these need the literary circle, the cultural circle, the science and technology circle and the relevant national cultural supervision department to coordinate, supervise and encourage each other, to accurately feel the pulse of online literature consumption taste, and to flourish the online literature market with Chinese characteristics.


Intelligent writing; Chinese network literature; Man-machine interactive; Private literature customization; Technology-oriented