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The Artistic Features and Expression Language of Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture Art

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.020


Rui Gui

Corresponding Author

Rui Gui


The times are changing, and the economic strength is increasing. People are no longer just satisfied with the demand for materials, but pursue spiritual pleasure. In today's society, people are regarded as a fashion standard in the pursuit of art, especially in ceramic sculpture. Ceramic sculpture is an important component of China's ceramic art, and it has a strong artistic atmosphere in the history of China. Chinese traditional culture is facing the impact of Western foreign culture, and its ideological connotation is constantly being tested by foreign ideology and culture. Ceramic sculpture artists are mostly ignorant of the true way of going through and facing the essence of traditional Chinese art. The spiritual roots of traditional art are everywhere, and even the spiritual significance of local artists' exploration is lost. This paper starts with the artistic characteristics and expression language, analyses the spiritual connotation of ceramic art and explains the current situation of contemporary ceramic sculpture, discusses the influence of national culture on Chinese contemporary ceramic sculpture, and expounds the application and embodiment of national culture in contemporary ceramic sculpture creation, from which to gain inspiration and then apply its artistic connotation to the author's artistic creation.


Ceramic sculpture; Artistic features; Expression language