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The Path of Development with Chinese Characteristics

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.018


Bei Leyi

Corresponding Author

Bei Leyi


Chinese traditional culture is interwoven with 56 ethnic groups, which are the basis of the continuous development of Chinese civilization. In the vast river of history and culture, Chinese traditional culture is constantly innovating and integrating, forming a national culture that ADAPTS to the development of the new era. They continue the wisdom of their ancestors, and these beautiful things are gradually forgotten by the world. With the blending and collision of eastern and western cultures, the forgotten Chinese characteristics are waking up slowly in the development of The Times. After learning the seminar of “discussing the way of clothes -- constructing contemporary Chinese fashion design”, I had a new understanding of the combination of the present and the future of Chinese style design in the collision of ideas between designers and professors.


Chinese characteristics; Clothing design; National culture; Intangible cultural heritage