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A Study on the Chinese Audience of K-Pop under the Background of Globalization

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.013


Moou Li

Corresponding Author

Moou Li


The Korea-Pop (abbreviated as K-POP) is gradually integrating into globalization, which also has a certain fan market in China. In this paper, taking EXO Chinese fans as the research object, it analyzes and researches some aspects, such as fan characteristics and psychology, as well as fan community. K-POP fans are attracted by the unique forms of K-POP, who are mainly young women, and most of whom are students and white-collar workers, and distribute in the first and second tier cities. K-POP fans generally have the psychology to meet the needs of aesthetics and appreciation, who can produce motivating emotions by taking K-POP artists as idols. The internal division of the fan community is clear and organized; and the topic discussions on K-POP music artists are both rational and perceptual, and fans are willing to produce consumer behavior whose occurrence also has a certain process and organization for.


Fan psychology; Fan community; K-pop (korean pop music); Exo