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Interaction between Music, Stage and Text--on the Creation and Interpretation of the Chamber Opera “Ghost Love”

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.011


Yue Li

Corresponding Author

Yue Li


Cross-media co-operation, which is the exploration of the interaction between music and literature in the form of opera, aims to break through the way of a single creation and interpretation and realize multi-values through multi-dimensional perspectives through the interaction and integration of different disciplines. As an integration of new artistic attitude and aesthetic, it echoes the current trend of multi-style innovation. Multi-context -featured 21st century has also stimulated opera to develop more forms and patterns in the concept of creation and performance. The creation team of chamber opera “Ghost Love” is the catalyst and explorer of the cultural activity, which will give birth to new possibilities by interconnected cross-border activity. Music, text, and stage break the barriers between categories and promote the comprehensive culture that goes beyond traditional art form, which is not only a concern and reflection on social art life, but also contains the trend and law of the development of performance art itself.


Chamber opera; “ghost love”; Cross-media; Creation; Interpretation