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Research on the Effect of Original Content of News App on User Adoption

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2019.009


Zhelin Su

Corresponding Author

Zhelin Su


With the development of Internet platform and electronic communication system, news APP has gradually become the main channel for people to obtain information and media communication. There are many kinds of news APP, including traditional media news APP, comprehensive information news APP and professional news APP. However, in the process of communication, news APP faces the problems of information assimilation, lack of originality and lack of personalized planning. Users' acceptance of original content is restricted to some extent, which affects their satisfaction of use and media access. This paper analyzes the user's use behavior and user's demand satisfaction of news APP, discusses the influencing factors of original content on user's adoption, and puts forward corresponding solutions to provide reference for the long-term development of news APP in the future.


News app; Original content; Communication media