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Applied University Music and Dance Major under the Perspective of Professional Evaluation Collaborative Innovation Bottlenecks and Countermeasures for Industry Industries--Taking Jiangxi h University as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.296


Chaoming Long

Corresponding Author

Chaoming Long


Since the New Century, Especially Since 2010, the Newly-Built Undergraduate Universities and Private Universities Have Been Transforming into Applied Universities. Combined with Relevant Data, through the Comprehensive Evaluation of Undergraduate Majors in 2018, It Can Be Found That There Are Many Problems in the Construction and Development of Musicology and Dance Majors in Applied Universities. for Example, the Late Start of the Major, the Poor Communication with Foreign Countries, the Setting of the Major Similar to That of Traditional Music and Dance Departments in Colleges and Universities, and the Lack of Effective Integration with the Neighboring Majors Have All Become Important Bottlenecks in the Collaborative Innovation Process of Music and Dance Majors in Application-Oriented Colleges and Universities with the Industry. According to the Relevant Experience of Jiangxi Institute of Science and Technology in Running Applied Schools, It is Believed That When Facing These Bottlenecks, the Music and Dance Major in Applied Universities Should Take Advantage of the Latecomer Advantage to Actively Connect with the Industry. Formulate the Stage Goals and Overall Goals That Are Suitable for the School's Orientation and Professional Foundation; the Three-in-One Implementation Path and Countermeasures of Cultivation, Construction, Management and Operation and Policy Support Are Adopted.


Professional Comprehensive Evaluation; Major in Music and Dance; Industry Industry; Collaborative Innovation