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Application Pattern-searching on Big Data of Commercial Bank Credit Conferring Examine and Approve

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.292


Yuanjin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yuanjin Zhang


The business types have gradually increased, the scope of hunting has become more extensive, and the development speed has accelerated for banks after the 21st century. At the same time, the financial situation it faces is becoming more and more complex, and the risk problem is gradually exposed. It is very helpful for use value and practical significance to carry out research on the application mode of commercial bank credit conferring examine and approve in this case. Based on the collection of various data on commercial bank credit conferring examine and approve, bank management development, risk control and other aspects are specially analyzed. In order to explore the credit risk of commercial banks in the big data era and find effective countermeasures against prevention and control, the establishment of credit conferring examine and approve data management and database system development are studied. Internet cloud systems, large databases and other modern technology are changing people's way of thinking and living conditions with the rapid development of civilization and technology in the modern society .The learning style is changing, the world's development is also progressing. Facing the ever-changing market external environment, the level of commercial bank's credit risk management ability depends on the commercial bank's ability to manage data and synthetic use, and also determines whether the bank can Maintaining an advantage in the future competition, taking the lead. Therefore, it is highly practical to study the combination of credit conferring examine and approve work and big data.


Big data; commercial bank; credit conferring examine and approve; credit risk; prevention and control countermeasures