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A Comparative Study of Physical Exercises on Promoting Students' Physical and Mental Health, Cultivating Will and Influencing Factors

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.289


Qiquan Hu

Corresponding Author

Qiquan Hu


under the Background of “Great Health”, the Physical and Mental Health of College Students Has Been Highly Valued by All Walks of Life. in College Sports, Relying Solely on Physical Education Time Can Not Meet the Needs of Students' Sports, and It is Necessary to Use Other Forms of Sports as a Useful Supplement. College Physical Education Teachers Should Take the Initiative to Change the Teaching Concept, Base on the “Big Health” Requirements, Cultivate Students' Sports Habits, and Promote Students' Physical and Mental Health Development. Physical Exercise is an Effective Means to Improve Physical Health. Its Meaning and Function Are Not Only Fitness, But Also Play a Good Role in Regulating and Promoting Mental Health and Will Cultivation, and Can Achieve Ideal Physical and Mental Health Benefits. However, in the Practice and Research of Health Management and Health Promotion Projects, It is Found That the Effect of Physical Intervention is Difficult to Sustain, and There is a Phenomenon of “Easy Participation and Persistence” in Physical Exercise. What is the Reason Why People can’t Stick to It Well, Sports the Connection between Persistence and Withdrawal of Exercise and Physical and Mental Health is Also a Question Worth Exploring. Therefore, This Paper Has Carried out Related Research on the Factors Influencing the Physical and Mental Health and Willingness of Physical Exercise.


Physical Exercise; Physical and Mental Health; Volition; Factor Analysis